2019-12-12 Javier SanchoUse structs with casting, without classes replication master
2019-12-10 Javier SanchoUse structs with casting, without classes replication
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoCustom scene node example
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoIReferenceCounted
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoBooleans
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoScene node animator
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoUse booleans
2019-12-05 Javier SanchoC types
2019-12-04 Javier SanchoDraw vertex primitive list
2019-12-03 Javier SanchoAppropiate method bindings
2019-12-03 Javier SanchoVertices, boxes, matrices, transformations and more
2019-11-26 Javier SanchoCustom scene node
2019-11-16 Javier SanchogetRootSceneNode
2019-10-22 Javier SanchoQuake3 map example
2019-10-22 Javier SanchoGet driver name
2019-10-22 Javier SanchoMAKE_CIRR_ID
2019-10-20 Javier SanchogetFPS
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoSome device functions
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoICursorControl
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoFirst Person Shooter (FPS) camera
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoSet scene node position
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoaddOctreeSceneNode for animated meshes
2019-10-20 Javier SanchoIFileSystem and IFileArchive
2019-10-14 Javier SanchoRename functions and fix some little bugs
2019-10-14 Javier SanchoHelloWorld example
2019-10-14 Javier SanchoBug when coordinates are NULL
2019-10-13 Javier SanchoC compatible types
2019-10-13 Javier Sanchoautomake config
2019-10-13 Javier Sanchoget texture
2019-10-13 Javier Sanchoscene manager draw all
2019-10-13 Javier Sanchoirr_scene_ISceneManager_addCameraSceneNode
2019-10-13 Javier SanchoICameraSceneNode and addCameraSceneNode
2019-10-13 Javier SanchoReplace void* with appropiate types
2019-10-12 Javier SanchoIAnimatedMeshSceneNode
2019-10-12 Javier SanchoISceneNode
2019-10-12 Javier SanchoScene manager
2019-10-08 Javier SanchoSource rect for begin scene can be NULL
2019-10-08 Javier SanchoFix name
2019-10-08 Javier SanchoDraw GUI elements
2019-10-07 Javier SanchoBegin and end scene
2019-10-07 Javier SanchoSome GUI functions
2019-10-05 Javier SanchoWide char is longer than one byte
2019-10-04 Javier Sanchorun and drop device
2019-10-04 Javier SanchosetWindowCaption
2019-10-03 Javier SanchogetSceneManager
2019-10-03 Javier SanchogetVideoDriver
2019-10-03 Javier SanchoReturn pointer to device
2019-10-03 Javier SanchoMore params
2019-10-02 Javier SanchoUse pointer to struct
2019-10-02 Javier SanchoWindow size for createDevice
2019-09-30 Javier SanchoLGPLv3 license
2019-09-23 Javier SanchoInitial commit