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2018-02-22 Javier SanchoFriends fight with true enemies, before they attacked... improvements
2018-02-22 Javier SanchoFriends don't abandon player when enemies flee
2018-02-21 Javier SanchoPass killeveryone maps when friends are alive
2018-02-21 Javier SanchoUse victim to attack, not player 0
2018-02-21 Javier SanchoFriends help player with its enemies
2018-02-20 Javier SanchoFriends always follow the player
2018-02-20 Javier SanchoPlayer friend looks at the player
2018-02-19 Javier SanchoNew non-atacking player
2018-02-19 Javier SanchoObject size selector with better keys
2017-12-10 David CarlierIn case the resolution settings in the config file...
2017-09-06 Rémi VerscheldeFix unused-result warning for chdir
2017-09-06 Rémi VerscheldeOpenAL: Fix dispose logic on Linux
2017-09-06 Rémi VerscheldeClothes paths fix: add changes for new mods
2017-09-02 Neal GompaCMake: Remove OggVorbis CMake module and use pkg_check_...
2017-09-02 Neal GompaCI: Enable CentOS Continuous Release (CR) repository...
2017-08-19 Côme ChillietAdded methods for hasWeapon and isPlayerControlled
2017-08-19 Côme ChillietMoved hurtidle anim to PersonType to avoid hardcoded...
2017-08-19 Côme ChillietMoved knife catching test to a method and removed hardc...
2017-08-18 Côme ChillietMoved max run speed to PersonType
2017-08-18 Côme ChillietMoved clothes boolean to PersonType to avoid test on...
2017-05-20 Neal GompaRemove zlib from documentation and CI setup
2017-05-20 Martin Erik... Remove some unneeded libs & headers
2017-05-20 Martin Erik... Add FindOggVorbis.cmake module license
2017-04-21 Côme ChillietAdded hasClaws property for PersonType
2017-04-13 Neal GompaCI: Rework .gitlab-ci.yml to support a CentOS 7 build
2017-03-23 Côme ChillietMoved tempanimation init to Person constructor
2017-03-20 Côme ChillietBuilding default player after PersonTypes are loaded...
2017-03-09 Neal GompaDist: Linux: Add content ratings to AppStream appdata...
2017-03-08 Martin Erik... Fix mismatched usage length, build fail on g++
2017-03-03 Côme ChillietMoved default scale and default damage tolerance to...
2017-02-25 Côme ChillietMoved creature power to PersonType
2017-02-25 Côme ChillietSet forgotten rabbit talk anim
2017-02-12 Romain NaourImageIO: fix invalid conversion
2017-02-12 Côme ChillietUsing currentFrame as much as possible
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeCMake: Define build type before configuring version...
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeBump version to 1.3-dev
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeBump version to 1.2 (stable)
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeAdd release notes for version 1.2
2017-02-11 Rémi Verscheldeclang-format: Apply to all headers
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Remove obsolete skin cmds, fix docs
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Fix toggling console out of devtools mode
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeMaps: Fix hardcoded usage of FurBW.jpg
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Improve fixtype cmd and document it
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Enhance ddialog command
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Fix saving player proportions
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Add clotheslist cmd and fix devkeys in console
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeRename fur textures for clarity
2017-02-11 Rémi VerscheldeImprove end texts for existing campaigns
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietFixed Wolves damage tolerance which was broken by f38eb...
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietMoved PersonType class to its own file
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietMoved more animation info to PersonType
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietMoved bloodText to PersonType
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietMoved creatures skins to PersonType class
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietMoved models paths to PersonType
2017-02-05 Côme ChillietPut some sounds and animations information in creature...
2017-02-04 Côme ChillietFixed default command so that it does not make you...
2017-02-03 Côme ChillietMerge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:osslugaru/lugaru
2017-02-03 Côme ChillietMoved proportions system in a PersonType class
2017-02-01 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Fix scaling issue with creature type change
2017-02-01 Côme ChillietFixes #88 Fixed joints and muscles loading for an exist...
2017-01-31 Rémi VerscheldeEnhancements to devtools input processing code
2017-01-30 Rémi VerscheldeGameTick: Move input processing to a dedicated method
2017-01-30 Côme ChillietThis should fix the segfault from #89
2017-01-30 Côme ChillietFixed bindings or documentation to make sure both are...
2017-01-29 Rémi VerscheldeFix feedback on prev commits from MCMic
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeUpdate copyright year to 2017
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeFix a few GCC5 and GCC6 warnings
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeSplit distribution stuff per platform
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeUnify platform-specific definitions and clean .rc file
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeAI: Prevent division by 0 when enemy has no velocity
2017-01-28 Rémi VerscheldeDialogs: Fix long lines overflowing the box
2017-01-25 Rémi VerscheldeEmpire: Restore Ash's black fur as intended by the...
2017-01-24 Rémi VerscheldeOutput version info to stdout and show in menu
2017-01-24 Rémi VerscheldeCMake: Add version logic and make it generate Version.hpp
2017-01-24 Rémi VerscheldeRemove bogus clothes paths from task15 and task18
2017-01-23 Rémi VerscheldeRemove occurences of All.png used as clothes
2017-01-23 Rémi VerscheldeDevtools: Prevent clothes from saving invalid path
2017-01-23 Côme ChillietFixed invalid participant focus in svengrotto map ...
2017-01-23 Rémi VerscheldeWorkaround GCC issue with mvt keys in tutorial
2017-01-23 Côme ChillietReading the campaign end text from campaign file (see...
2017-01-23 Côme ChillietFixes #40 Scores are now integers
2017-01-23 Côme ChillietFixed search for closest ally or weapon
2017-01-09 Côme ChillietAdded braces to all statements with clang-tidy and...
2017-01-09 Côme ChillietApplied clang-format on all files
2017-01-09 Côme ChillietAdded .clang-format file
2017-01-09 Côme ChillietFixed a few parentheses
2017-01-08 Côme ChillietReplaced patchobjects arrays by vectors, cleaned code...
2017-01-08 Côme ChillietCleaned up Terrain::AddObject
2017-01-08 Rémi VerscheldeFix levels numbering in main.txt
2017-01-08 Côme ChillietAdded a helper for getting model triangle vertexes...
2017-01-08 Côme ChillietFixes #74 Shadow glitch (was using decal.vertex instead...
2017-01-06 Côme ChillietFixed participantfocus value in a dialogue in sventempl...
2017-01-06 Côme ChillietCreating map saving folder if needed
2017-01-06 Côme ChillietAdded .at usage to have clearer crash when dialogue...
2017-01-04 Rémi VerscheldeConsole: Return gracefully when loading missing level
2017-01-04 Côme ChillietRemoved unused defines, changed method names case
2017-01-04 Côme ChillietChanged Weapon models and textures to be private
2017-01-04 Côme ChillietMoved Weapon model and texture loading in Weapon class
2017-01-04 Côme ChillietUsing an enum for model type
2017-01-04 Côme ChillietRemoved unused members in Model class