Use the datasette-connectors module for monkey patching datasette
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2018-10-04 Javier SanchoUse the datasette-connectors module for monkey patching...
2018-06-22 Javier SanchoFreeze sql-parser version
2018-06-01 Javier SanchoGetting ready for 1.0.2
2018-05-31 Javier SanchoChange requirements to datasette-core
2018-05-31 Javier SanchoVersion updated to 0.2.0
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTests for api homepage and api database page
2018-05-18 Javier SanchoReplace sqlparse with Mozilla SQL Parser
2018-05-11 Javier SanchoBasic execute method for queries
2018-05-04 Javier SanchoInitial commit