descriptionTools for making forms easy
ownerJavier Sancho
last changeTue, 31 Jul 2018 10:41:16 +0000 (12:41 +0200)
2018-07-31 Javier SanchoMore widgets in the example master
2018-07-26 Javier SanchoImprove exported Kv
2018-07-25 Javier SanchoRight strings in exported Kv
2018-07-25 Javier SanchoExport to Kv in the example editor
2018-07-25 Javier SanchoFix some bugs when exporting composition to Kv language
2018-07-25 Javier SanchoMore complete example editor
2018-07-25 Javier SanchoPrepare FormCanvas to be used from other widgets
2018-07-24 Javier SanchoReserve space for widget when it's moving
2018-07-18 Javier SanchoCreate boxes only when needed
2018-07-18 Javier SanchoReplace type with isinstance
2018-07-18 Javier SanchoInitial commit
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