2021-10-18 Javier SanchoNested commands main
2021-10-17 Javier SanchoWIP: Nested commands
2021-10-11 Javier SanchoNested commands help message
2021-09-16 Javier SanchoGroups support
2021-09-12 Javier SanchoReadme
2021-09-12 Javier SanchoLicense file
2021-09-12 Javier SanchoType conversion
2021-09-10 Javier SanchoMove value functions to a separated file
2021-09-10 Javier SanchoImprove reading for default values and prompt
2021-09-09 Javier SanchoPrompt for values
2021-09-07 Javier SanchoInitial commit