descriptionGNU Guile foreign interface to libassimp
ownerJavier Sancho
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2014-08-21 Javier SanchoSources Reorganization
2014-08-20 Javier SanchoLittle fixes
2014-08-07 Javier SanchoPraparing for autoconf
2014-07-30 Javier SanchoUse bytevectors instead structs when passing pointers...
2014-07-30 Javier SanchoLoad and display asset example finished
2014-07-30 Javier SanchoMore functions from original library
2014-07-30 Javier SanchoRemove test.c
2014-07-25 Javier SanchoLoad and display asset example
2014-07-25 Javier SanchoA lot of functionality added
2014-07-25 Javier SanchoRestructuration
2014-07-17 Javier SanchoNew foreign function ai-transform-vec-by-matrix4
2014-07-17 Javier SanchoNew struct types ai-matrix3x3 and ai-matrix4x4
2014-07-15 Javier SanchoResolve VM Stack Overflow when reading mesh vertices
2014-07-15 Javier SanchoAdd foreign functions and rename types
2014-07-14 Javier SanchoAdd new types and structs parsers
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