2020-06-10 Javier SanchoAllow mods structured like modules
2020-06-06 Javier Sanchomisc
2020-06-04 Javier Sancholicense
2020-02-16 Javier SanchoMerge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:jsancho/dungeon...
2020-02-16 Javier SanchoSome things
2019-08-30 Javier SanchoBowyer Watson simple test
2019-08-30 Javier SanchoTest name
2019-08-28 Javier SanchoSome tests
2019-08-28 Javier SanchoLicense
2019-08-28 Javier SanchoRemove autotools
2019-08-27 Javier SanchoVoronoi mesh relax
2019-08-02 Javier SanchoMake regions from the Delaunay triangulation
2019-07-28 Javier SanchoVoronoi relax (work in progress)
2019-07-28 Javier SanchoVoronoi mesh (work in progress)
2019-07-10 Javier SanchoVoronoi meshes (uncompleted)
2019-06-21 Javier SanchoVoronoi meshes (uncompleted)
2019-06-11 Javier SanchoVoronoi meshes (uncompleted)
2019-06-02 Javier SanchoScene generators
2019-05-05 Javier SanchoLoad mods from selected paths
2019-05-03 Javier SanchoSearch paths for mods and games
2019-04-30 Javier SanchoMods library
2019-04-28 Javier SanchoMods library
2019-04-24 Javier SanchoCompiled binaries are placed in root directory
2019-04-24 Javier SanchoSome tabs
2019-04-19 Javier SanchoTrying gui
2019-04-15 Javier SanchoCalculate points
2019-04-04 Javier SanchoImplementing city generation
2019-04-02 Javier SanchoPlugins are modules and use dungeon-master module
2019-03-31 Javier SanchoRegister procedures
2019-03-28 Javier SanchoBuild with irrlicht
2019-03-28 Javier SanchoInitial commit