Post 2.0.1 release actions done
[datasette-pytables.git] / tests /
2020-11-24 Javier SanchoFix entry point and some issues with sqlite glob operand
2020-11-21 Javier Sanchodatasette==0.51.1
2020-11-04 Javier SanchoFix html tests
2020-11-03 Javier SanchoPaginate with offset argument
2020-10-30 Javier SanchoFix some tests
2020-10-30 Javier Sanchotables in json format
2020-10-26 Javier Sanchocustom pytables sql
2020-10-15 Javier SanchoRemove gather argument
2020-10-15 Javier SanchoCustom sql
2020-10-14 Javier Sanchodatabase page
2020-10-13 Javier SanchoUse dataset-connectors 2.0 api (wip)
2018-10-04 Javier SanchoUse the datasette-connectors module for monkey patching...
2018-10-04 Javier SanchoPublish fixtures in the appropiate file
2018-05-30 Javier SanchoSome refactoring for treating tables and arrays in...
2018-05-30 Javier SanchoShow multidimensional arrays as string arrays
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoSome html basic tests
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoFix number of rows returned when limit is present or...
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoTests for custom queries
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoUncompleted tests for sql queries
2018-05-25 Javier SanchoTests for paginating tables and arrays
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoShape testing
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoTest for arrays shape
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoTest for non-existent tables
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTests for invalid custom queries and table page
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTruncate query results according to page_size limit
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTest for custom query
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTests for api homepage and api database page