Tests for custom queries
[datasette-pytables.git] / tests / test_api.py
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoTests for custom queries
2018-05-29 Javier SanchoUncompleted tests for sql queries
2018-05-25 Javier SanchoTests for paginating tables and arrays
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoShape testing
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoTest for arrays shape
2018-05-24 Javier SanchoTest for non-existent tables
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTests for invalid custom queries and table page
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTruncate query results according to page_size limit
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTest for custom query
2018-05-23 Javier SanchoTests for api homepage and api database page